2012 President Barrack Obama did better that Mrs. Hillary Clinton in the following states which was the difference in helping him get to the White House.  This article also shows the states where she actually won big to give her a popular vote advantage of over 3.2 Million votes. He did better in 30 states than Mrs. Clinton including the states Michigan, Wisconsin, but beating his vote numbers in Pennsylvania by just 18K votes.  

President Obama did better the Blue states that the Democrats usually win which Mrs. Clinton lost.  The vote loss by Mrs. Clinton for Michigan was  293072 and in Wisconsin by 231,414 which helped President Trump flip these 2 states red.  On must win states like Ohio she was 303,096 votes less than President Obama.  The vote lead for President Obama over Mrs. Clinton was  slighly over 2 Million (2,079,711) as these 30 states gave him 21 Million votes (21000149) to Mrs. Clinton's 19 Million votes (18920438).

For Mrs. Clinton, the lowest turn out in comparison to President Obama were Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin.  Pennsylvania was the 5th lowest gain in comparison in comparison to President Obama's votes among all the states where she got more votes.  

There were 21 states that Mrs. Clinton did much better than President Obama which helped her make up the 2 Million vote difference in the 30 states she got less votes than him, but to beat him in the overall popular vote by 3+ Million.  Her total number of votes in these 21 states was 5.3 Million, with Mrs. Clinton getting 47 Million votes (46,929,533) over President Obama's 41.6 Million votes (41632516). She beat President Obama's 2012 Pennsylvania vote numbers (2,907,448) of by only 19K votes (2,926,441),  which was not enough to hold the state of Pennsylvania, as President Trump got (2,970,733), beating 2012 President Obama by over 70K & Mrs. Clinton by 50K.

In all the remaining 20 states,  Mrs. Clinton beat 2012 President Obama's numbers by 2+ Million (42.2% of the vote difference) in 1 state (California), 100'sK votes in 10 states, 10'sK votes in 9 states and South Carolina by 9K votes.

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