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Top 10 Rules for Men to turn into Gentleman

Being a proper gentleman is a huge task, but hey we could give you some of the best tips on how you could be a better man than you were yesterday. The trick is simple, you have to change the pattern of your old behavior and jump out of the

TRAGIC- AKA, The South African Rapper Reported Shot Dead

One of South Africa's main rappers, popularly called AKA, has been shot outside a restaurant in the coastal metropolis of Durban. Keenan Forbes was murdered along with his best friend, chef, and entrepreneur Tebero "Tibz" Motsoan. The pair are believed to have been shot on their way to a nightclub

8 most anticipated K-Dramas in 2023 that you shouldn’t miss

We can say that the Koreans rocked 2022 with amazing drama series like All of us are Dead, Business Proposal, Forecasting Love & Weather, etc. All of these K-Dramas made us fall in love with the Koreans even more, now we know that the kind Koreans have taken over the world

Be pre-eminent among its kind, to be held in high esteem by many people because it always works for the good of people and speaks up for the welfare of all.

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