How supportive is Washington DC towards President Trump?

Only 4% of Washington DC in 2016 voted for President Trump.   90% DC voted for Mrs. Hillary Clinton.  The other candidates combined got around 6% votes which is more than him. Jill Stein 1.4%, Gary Johnson 1.6% and 2.1% chose to write in, combined this is greater than the ones who voted for Trump.

In total numbers, 282K people voted for Mrs. Clinton, 12K for Trump, 5K for Johnson, 4K for Jill Stein and 6K people wrote in a name.

Trump received 5K less voters then Senator McCain did in 2008.

Washington DC is a Democrat leaning city.  In comparison to President Obama's 2008 victory, where he won 93% of the vote, McCain got 6% and the write-ins were around a percent.  
President Obama received around 250K votes, McCain received 17K, Write-ins were 2+k votes .

The animosity President Trump's receives from the Washington DC establishment should not be a surprise to him. The people in media, the local government administration, the federal offices that make up DC or come from DC, 4 people out every 100 people supported him by a vote.   He seems to be quite unprepared to come to terms with this  glaring fact, during his term. He has been walking in hostile environments either his cabinet meetings with federal government agencies or walking into hostile press conferences .    

The American public see this quite openly since he has taken office. Just a matter of time to see how this hostility towards him would play out for President Trump's re-election bid.  Will the same people who sent him to the White House stand with him or will the press prevail in bringing him down in 2020.