The enormous departure of Ukrainians from the recently liberated city of Kherson continued on Sunday as a result of Russia's ongoing shelling of the region, which has made it all but uninhabitable.

As Moscow's invasion of its neighbor approaches the nine-month mark, the city, which was liberated by Ukrainian forces more than two weeks ago, has come under heavy shelling from Russian soldiers stationed nearby. Over the weekend, residents continued to evacuate the city because of the terrible conditions and their fears of impending strikes.

One resident expressed his shock at having to leave, particularly in light of the city's recent liberation from Russian rule.

Yevhen Yankov went in a van and said, "It is painful that we are leaving our home. Although we are now free, we must depart due to shelling and the population's deaths.”

“We went through actual hell,” according to Svitlana Romanivna, another passenger in the van.

"It was a horror," she added, adding that our neighborhood was on fire. "Everything was burning."

Another person on the run claimed that leaving the city was his only choice. He had his terrier on his lap as he drove to his brother's house.

“The day before yesterday, artillery fire struck our home. The fire destroyed four apartments,” According to Vitaliy Nadochiy, “windows were broken. We're not able to go. There is no power, heating, or water.”

Continuous explosions have plagued Ukraine, with Kherson taking the brunt of the attacks, which mostly targeted its infrastructure, although there have also been reports of injuries among civilians.

According to a senior UN official, UN troops are rushing food, water, medications, blankets, mattresses, and shelter supplies to the city that is under siege.

UN Resident Coordinator Denise Brown stated that "time is of the essence, of course, before it becomes an outright catastrophe," noting the extensive damage to the city.

According to Galina Lugova, chief of the city's military administration, inhabitants had the option of using evacuation trains or bomb shelters.

“We are getting ready for a difficult winter, but we will take all the essential safety measures,” she stated.

The country's nuclear chief claimed to have observed signs that Russian troops may withdraw from a nuclear power facility they have occupied as the people of Kherson continued to evacuate.

Early on in its invasion of Ukraine, Russia seized control of the Zaporizhzhia plant, and further fighting in the neighborhood has raised fears of a nuclear meltdown.

Petro Kotin, CEO of Energoatom, stated on national television that "in recent weeks we are effectively receiving information that signals have appeared that they may be perhaps planning to abandon the plant."

He referred to the UN nuclear watchdog, saying, "First of all, there are a lot of reports in Russian media that it would be worthwhile to leave the [plant] and perhaps worthwhile to surrender management of it to the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA."

One has the feeling that they are stealing anything they can while preparing to leave.

Over the past 24 hours, there have been reports of casualties in various regions of the nation.

Meanwhile, Gov. Pavlo Kyrylenko reported five fatalities in the eastern Donetsk and Donbas region.

He said that two more people had been killed by artillery fire in the town of Kurakhove and that overnight shelling had also been reported by local authorities in the western Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

Kharkiv Governor Oleh Syniehubov reported one fatality and three injuries in the northeastern district.

According to analysts, the icy conditions that have blanketed the battlefields could have an increasing impact on the conflict. Heavy rain and mud were already causing issues for both sides, according to experts.

According to a news release from the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) defense ministry on Sunday, the Ukrainian military has lost over 40 soldiers in recent clashes with DPR forces.

According to the information shared on the DPR people's militia's Telegram channel, the enemy lost around 40 people in total.

According to the spokesman, "They destroyed up to 85 men, three tanks, six armored personnel carriers, two artillery cannons, an unmanned aerial vehicle, and 20 special motor vehicles," the LPR People's Militia's press office reported on its Telegram channel.

But on the other hand, Russia too made some serious allegations against NATO. According to Mikhail Vedernikov, the region's governor, even before the commencement of any special military operation, NATO drones attempted to breach the border into Russia's Pskov Region,

There have been efforts by military drones and other aircraft to breach the border illegally, but we never gave them that much publicity, according to Vedernikov.

The Governor stated that "all such peaceful interaction" was "flourishing" even before the beginning of the special military operation. "Everything has worsened just now," Vedernikov continued.

Two NATO members, Latvia and Estonia, border the Pskov Region.