Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who is currently recuperating after a heart attack, thanked the public on Saturday for their support and asked them to keep praying.

In tweets and Instagram postings on Saturday, Hamlin thanked fans who, according to him, had supported his recovery.

"When you send pure love out into the cosmos, it returns to you three times as much," Hamlin said on Instagram. "The amount of love that has been shown to me has been amazing, but I am grateful to everyone who prayed for me and got in touch. Please continue to pray for me while I go far!"

Hamlin said that the incident would only make him more determined in the texts, which were his first public remarks since the incident during Monday night's game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

According to a joint statement from the Bills and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where Hamlin is undergoing care, the 24-year-old was still in critical condition on Saturday.

The sentence reads, "Damar's recovery is proceeding steadily, although he is still in serious condition. He still breathes on his own, and his brain function is excellent.

The New England Patriots and the Bills will meet on Sunday. According to the NFL, Buffalo players want to show their support for Hamlin's recovery by donning jersey patches with his number 3.

The league claims that Bills players planned to warm up wearing t-shirts that said: "Love for Damar 3." According to the announcement, there will be a temporary "3" placed on the field at Highmark Stadium for each 30-yard line number.

The NFL has expressed gratitude to the first responders who acted quickly to help Hamlin after he fell on Monday and has asked teams to state this weekend's games recognizing the individuals involved in his care.

Since the Monday incident, Hamlin has seemed to be doing better every day. The Bills claim that when his breathing tube was removed on Friday, he FaceTimed into a team meeting and told his colleagues, "Love you, boys."

He tweeted later on Saturday, "The love is felt, & sincere."

A Bengals receiver he was tackling seemed to strike Hamlin in the chest with his shoulder, and millions of fans witnessed him collapse at that very moment. If that interaction had anything to do with his cardiac arrest, it was still unknown.

Hamlin could have had "commotion cordis," a disease that causes sudden changes in vital signs in response to a chest blow within a 20-millisecond window of the cardiac cycle. Medical professionals at the University of Cincinnati were thinking about this situation.

As a consequence, according to renowned emergency physician Dr Uché Blackstock, an MSNBC contributor, he could have a cardiac arrest.

According to her, the biggest concern is how such an occurrence can affect brain functions due to the possibility that oxygen may be cut off or limited. She said that in Hamlin's case, the quick response of the team and emergency personnel combined with his outstanding care at the facility had achieved a flawless recovery route so far.

He's in luck, Blackstock commented. "This is the desired outcome. And the outcome here is not usual.

According to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, Hamlin's consistent development gives him hope.

He said, "At this stage, watching his recovery from what seemed to be a catastrophe has been satisfying."