According to a statement that was released by the Ukrainian air force on Sunday, Ukraine successfully shot down 45 Russian drones as the nation of Ukraine rang in the New Year. This information was published by the news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP), which quoted the statement.

On the eve of the New Year, Moscow launched attacks on Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine using drones and missiles manufactured in Iran.

The Ukrainian air force issued a statement in which it claimed that 45 "Shahed" drones had been taken down by the country's air defenses.

According to the statement, 32 more drones were brought down in the new year on top of the thirteen that were brought down at the end of 2022.

According to the article, the Ukrainian authorities did not comment on whether or not any of the drones were successful in hitting their targeted targets.

All of the Iranian-made Shahed-136 combat drones, often known as "kamikaze," were reportedly taken down by the Ukrainian air defenses, as stated by the armed services. According to the report and information provided by the Ukrainian military, on New Year's Eve, Russia also fired 20 missiles at various locations in the neighboring country of Ukraine.

According to the story, Andriy Nebitov, the chief of the Kyiv police department, posted a photo on Facebook showing the debris left behind by a crashed drone along with the words "Happy New Year" written in Russian.

He concluded his writing by stating, "That is all you need to know about the terror state and its army."

The strikes occurred as Russia's invasion of Ukraine reached its 11th month. Russia had now occupied almost half of Ukraine.

After suffering a humiliating series of military setbacks, Russia started launching attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure in October, leaving millions of people exposed to the cold and in the dark.

Bridget Brink, who serves as the United States Ambassador to Ukraine, referred to the assaults that Russia launched on Ukraine early on Sunday morning as "cowardly."

"Russia invaded Ukraine in the early hours of the new year in a manner that was both cold and cowardly. However, Putin continues to demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of the fact that Ukrainians are built of iron, as seen by her tweet.

According to Al-report, Jazeera's French President Emmanuel Macron indicated in a televised New Year's message that France would continue to assist Ukraine until that country achieves victory.

Macron made the following statement: "During the next year, we will be at your side without fail."

"You may count on our assistance up to the point of triumph, and thereafter, we will work together to establish a peace that is both fair and long-lasting. You may put your faith in France and Europe as a whole."