Former Pope Benedict XVI's demise is being lamented by world leaders, who praise his "devotion to the Church."

On Saturday morning, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI passed away at the Vatican's Mater Ecclesia Monastery.

Benedict resigned as pope in 2013, marking the first resignation in 600 years. During his almost ten years of retirement, he had become weaker.


In his first statements made in front of the public after the passing of the retired pope, Pope Francis lauded Benedict's "compassion."

On Saturday, Francis expressed his gratitude to Benedict for "his witness of faith and prayer, particularly in these closing years of retired life."

António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations, praised Benedict for being "a modest man of prayer and study."

The late pope, according to Guterres, "was steadfast in his quest of peace, uncompromising in his religion, and resolute in his defense of human rights."

Benedict, he said, "was a spiritual mentor to millions throughout the globe and one of our time's foremost scholarly theologians."

"Catholics and others throughout the globe who were inspired by his life of prayer and steadfast dedication to non-violence and peace," Guterres said in a statement.

Benedict "will be remembered as a distinguished theologian, with a lifetime of service to the Church, motivated by his ideals and faith," according to US President Joe Biden.

In a statement, Biden, a practicing Catholic who disagrees with the church's stance on abortion and other social problems, recalled his encounter with Benedict in 2011 at the Vatican. Benedict's "generosity and welcome, as well as our deep discourse," were noted by Biden.

May his emphasis on the ministry of compassion serve as an encouragement to us all, added Biden.

The UK

King Charles III of the United Kingdom expressed "great regret" upon learning of Benedict's death and recalled meeting the previous pope on a visit to the Vatican in 2009.

Charles wrote to Pope Francis on Saturday, "I also remember his tireless efforts to promote peace and kindness to all people, and to enhance the link between the worldwide Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church."


The German-born Benedict is recognized as a "formative figure of the Catholic Church" by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Scholz said on Twitter that Benedict XVI "was a particular church leader for many, not only in our nation" since he was the "German" pope.

The late pope's commitment to fostering communication across Christian faiths and other religions was hailed by the president of Germany.

"The choice of a pope from the homeland of the Reformation and an intellectual who had made the conversation between faith and reason his life's job was a significant signal for many people throughout the globe," President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a statement of condolences to Pope Francis.


Benedict's teaching is a "guide post amid the numerous twisting and deceiving roads of the current world," the president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, said on Twitter.

According to Duda's office, he intends to go to Benedict's funeral.

Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister, described Benedict as a "great Catholic thinker," a "spiritual authority," and a "someone of very great stature" whose "spiritual and intellectual legacy will long be significant to us."


Benedict has been referred to be "a famous religious person and politician [and] a firm advocate of traditional Christian principles" by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to a letter to Pope Francis posted on the Kremlin website, Benedict's pontificate saw the development of ties between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches as well as the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Russia and the Vatican.


The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops honored Benedict for his efforts in addressing priestly abuse as well as for his outreach to Indigenous people who had been harmed by residential schools.

In a statement, the bishops added, "As Canadians, we are particularly appreciative of his efforts to repair the wounds of our history."

According to the statement, "He openly recognized the plague of abuse by these clergy, apologized for it, and improved Church systems to react to charges, including aiding the prosecution or suspension from the clerical state of those found accountable for abuse."


The Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt lamented the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as well.

Benedict was praised by the church and its head of state, Pope Tawadros II, as "the finest successor to the best predecessor" who dedicated his whole life to "the service of his Roman Catholic Church."

The death of the pope emeritus, according to Italian President Sergio Mattarella, is a cause for sorrow for the whole nation.

According to Mattarella, "our neighborhood and the whole world community had benefited from his kindness and his knowledge."

Pope Benedict XVI was referred to as a "giant of faith and reason" who history would never forget by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

She commended his lifetime of devotion to the church in a statement and his capacity to "reach to people's hearts and minds with the spiritual, cultural, and intellectual richness of his magisterium."


Benedict has received praise from the president of Ireland, who emphasized his desire to advance peace in Northern Ireland.

In a statement, President Michael D. Higgins stated that "he will be remembered for his unwavering attempts to establish a common route in promoting peace at this time of the return of violence on our continent and in so many regions of the globe."


The late Pope will be "remembered for his humility and care for all mankind," according to the Taiwanese government, which has expressed its sorrow at his passing.

Taiwan, which is claimed by China, has just one diplomatic ally in Europe: the Vatican. Taipei has followed Pope Francis' efforts to normalize ties with China with alarm. Only 14 nations have diplomatic relations with the democratically run island, partly as a result of Chinese pressure.

Late on Saturday, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said that she had chosen to send a special representative to the burial, of former Vice President Chen Chien-Jen, a fervent Catholic, "based on the great affinity between our nation and the Vatican."

Fumio Kishida, the prime minister of Japan, has sent his condolences about Benedict's passing.

According to the foreign ministry, Kishida also mentioned Benedict's significant contributions to international peace.

He said that a message Benedict gave after the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011 deeply affected Japan and uplifted the country's citizens spiritually.


The Catholic bishop of Oslo, Bernt Ivar Eidsvig, referred to Benedict as "the last outstanding theologian of the previous 100 years" in a country with a majority-Lutheran population.

According to Eidsvig, "He masters all the theological disciplines," according to Norwegian TV NRK. I am unable to come up with anybody else who does.


The leader of the Swedish Lutheran Church has voiced his support for Catholics all around the globe.

Despite the differences in our churches' traditions and philosophies that have sometimes existed, Archbishop Martin Modeus said on Twitter that Benedict XVI "had a major influence on the reconciliation of Lutherans and Catholics in the previous 50 years."