An online seminar presented by a speaker going by the name "Art" during a recent public meeting organized by Renna in Liverpool claimed there were electoral "irregularities" in 15 New York counties, including Onondaga County.

The speaker also said, "Shame on former state Senate candidate Angi Renna for endorsing a fringe party that was contesting the 2020 election results in New York based on shaky arithmetic and erroneous presumptions. We previously approved of her enough to support her in the election. We categorically oppose her work on behalf of an organization that alleges election fraud in New York."

"New York Citizens Audit seeks to annul the whole election. However, they don't provide any proof of electoral fraud. They refuse to identify themselves or reveal their residence or source of money."

According to the organization, according to Washington correspondent Mark Weiner, there may be some irregularities among the 13.5 million registered voters in New York in 2020, according to a series of computations and comparisons of figures that they offer. They failed to provide election authorities with information about their work or look into potential explanations for why their statistics don't add up.

Consider the 10,289 registered voters whose birthdays begin on January 1, 1850. The audit group seeks to invalidate such ballots and mockingly refers to them as "Lincoln voters'' (for Abraham Lincoln).

Before 1974, New York voters just needed to declare their age to cast a ballot; if the "citizen auditors" had wanted to inquire, they would have known. When voting records were digitized in 2007, Jan. 1, 1850, used as a stand-in for their birthdates.

"We won't exaggerate the audit group's absurd assertions any further. They are all described in Weiner's novel, along with the utterly sane explanations for the peculiarities they consider suspect. Weiner's thorough investigation demonstrates how organizations like this spread misinformation: Take a grain of truth, distort it, and sow the seed of doubt in the hearts and minds of the credulous, the careless, or both, " noted the speaker.

"Our trust in free and fair elections is what New York Citizens Audit and similar initiatives in other states are ultimately working to erode. Elections lose all significance if candidates and their supporters reject the will of the people. Democratization is finished."

According to the organization, the attempt by New York Citizen Audit is nothing compared to ex-President Donald Trump's extensive measures to rig the 2020 election, which culminated in the assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

On January 6, the House Select Committee will bring everything out in front of the American people. If only the citizens of the United States who need to see it—those who accept Trump's "Big Lie" on a rigged election—were there.

Election skeptics are running for Congress and for positions that monitor elections, and they are succeeding. This can have negative effects.

As the organization mentioned," we don't make the case that New York's electoral system is flawless. However, to assert that it is rife with fraud is an outrageous untruth that jeopardizes the integrity of the vote and the public's confidence in the democratic process. A risky game is being played by organizations like Citizens Audit New York and facilitators like Angi Renna."