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A Putin ally threatens nuclear war with NATO if Russia loses Ukraine

On Thursday, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said that the world would end if the West tried to attack Russia, while a Putin loyalist warned NATO that a Russian triumph in Ukraine may trigger a nuclear confrontation. Such apocalyptic rhetoric is intended to deter the NATO military alliance,

Iranian man sentenced to eight years in prison for beheading his 17-years-old wife

Iran's judiciary reports that a man who decapitated his 17-year-old wife has been given an eight-year jail sentence. Following the so-called "honor killing" last year, pictures of Sajjad Heydari carrying Mona's severed head in Ahvaz sparked fury among the public. According to a judicial spokeswoman, Mona's parents "pardoned" him for

Zelenskyy claims at Davos that "Russia is exporting terror."

Zelensky declared in a recent statement that the Dnipro rescue operation had been concluded and that 79 individuals had been hurt or injured as a result of a Russian strike. He also said that there were 45 Ukrainians on the list of the deceased, including six children, one of whom

8 Best Motivational Movies to Start your New Year

Everyone has a pact they have made for New Year, a new goal or something which will change their life. But do we even implement on the things we promise ourselves? Sure when the clock hits the 12 during the New Year's Eve we all are excited and it rushes

50 women were seized by alleged insurgents in Burkina Faso

On January 12 and 13, gunmen reportedly kidnapped 50 women in the Soum area of northern Burkina Faso, according to the official report. The ladies were abducted by armed men while collecting wild fruit west of the town of Aribinda, some 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) from the hamlet of

Dnipro, Ukraine, reels as military exercises take place in Belarus and Russia

As additional victims are discovered in the wreckage of one of the bloodiest assaults since Russia's invasion of Ukraine got underway 11 months ago, the death toll from a catastrophic missile strike in Dnipro has increased. On Monday, locals came to witness cranes take apart the Soviet-style apartment complex that

The state of California was struck by one more series of storms

A last series of storms has reached California, delivering additional rain and snow to a state that is already in mourning after the deaths of at least 19 people who were caused by the weather. In some regions of the state, precipitation in the form of rain and snow was

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