According to Steve Rosenberg, a senior journalist for the BBC in the United Kingdom, he had the opportunity to live in independent Russia for a significant portion of his life, which allowed him to see the fall of communism in Russia. However, for the last ten months or so, he has been living in Russia for a special military mission, and he describes this Russia as having an entirely different vibe. Some things have a regular feel to them, but at the same time, there are frequent reminders of the Russian invasion that took place in Ukraine.

Some people are opposed to Russia's military intervention in Ukraine; nevertheless, many Russians believe the Kremlin's version of events, which asserts that Russia is battling Nazis and NATO forces in Ukraine while also attempting to protect Russia.

There are some Russians who believe that the United States and Russia are now engaged in a war on the land of Ukraine. They believe that the President of Ukraine, Zelensky, is nothing more than a stooge for the Western powers.

It has been reported that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Russian nationals, have been conscripted into the army and transferred to Ukraine. Rosenberg observed that "the economy and industry have almost been placed on a war footing," and that "even the New Year decorations are being mobilized for the specific military operation and to foster a spirit of patriotism."

Despite Western sanctions, most stores in Russia still have a good number of items in stock ahead of the New Year holidays. Although a significant number of the internationally recognized brands that were once stocked on the shelves have been removed. Because such businesses have exited the Russian market.

The invasion of Ukraine that Russia carried out this year has had catastrophic repercussions, first and foremost for the great majority of that country, but also for our nation. There are still people riding the buses and patronizing local businesses in Russia. But there is no longer any stability. And what we are seeing is the militarization of Russian society, increased levels of aggressiveness and repression, and increased levels of anxiety about the future of Russia.