Political activists are ramping up their criticism of women's sports at an alarming rate.
Their ambition to attract biological guys into women's sports has generated a substantial amount of annoyance, dispute, and debate. They are intent on recruiting biological males into women's sports.
Many states and other jurisdictions have started implementing regulations and policies that allow biological males to participate against girls in athletic events. This is done out of cowardice, fear, and a deluded ideology.
We can thank our lucky stars that some young athletes are not taking this lying down.
Selina Soule, a track and field athlete from Connecticut, is suing the state of Connecticut due to the state's policy regarding transgender people, which required her to compete against biological males throughout her high school career. Soule is suing the state of Connecticut because of this policy.
During her conversation, Soule discussed her perception that the state and various politicians are "robbing" women's sports of their opportunities.
She described the real-world repercussions that impacted her personally, saying, "I lost out on qualifying spots for the meets, better placement, and possibly even scholarship opportunities." This is an important part of what she said because it describes the real-world consequences that impacted her.
These are the outcomes of fanatical progressive activism and the fearful bureaucrats who follow their every wish to appease them. The bureaucrats are incompetent.
Young girls are denied opportunities through no fault simply because administrators lack the courage and conviction to admit and accept that biological males and biological females have different physical characteristics. This results in young girls being denied opportunities that otherwise would have been available.
College athletes like Riley Gaines are also speaking out vehemently against this unjustifiable invasion of privacy:
Soule elaborated that in addition to the unfair nature of the circumstance, it was also "a very frustrating and terrible thing to go through."
Even though the transgender athletes who were mentioned in their lawsuit are no longer competing, Soule and her attorney want the lawsuit to continue to correct the record books: "On multiple occasions, our customers have proven to be the fastest girls in a race, but they have been overlooked for the title."
In addition to its importance for the annals of history, this case is significant for the sense of urgency with which it must rectify the injustices it has generated for future generations. These injustices have been caused as a direct result of the case itself.
It is both important and reassuring that there has been a quick proliferation of litigation against these stupid practices and young women speaking out against them. Cases of sexual harassment and assault against women are rising.
If individuals involved in the sport do not put up a battle against it, the administrators of women's sports will feel encouraged to continue putting unfair competition on the athletes.
I have high hopes that this case will be successful, and I also hope it will be the first of many others to follow in its wake.