President Trump's impact on the Supreme Court was impactful with him nominating more than 3 judges  who are constitutionalist. According to the dictionary a constitutionalist is an expert in the constitution who adheres to the existing constitution.  Neil M.Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, were all appointed under Trump Presidency and have been voting in line with the constitution with Roe V. Wade, being the biggest ruling where they reversed it so that now states get to vote on the abortion issue based on a decision made by the state.

The Democrats have been fighting so hard to make sure their senate candidates win every race they possibly can.   The money the have spent and the influence they have put together in the form of celebrity endorsement and campaigning is plan to see to the average American citizen whose votes are used to make a senator.

The Democrat's outspent the Republican's in all the races, according the FEC filing, 8 of the top 10 spenders are Democrats.  Out of the top 5, all of them are Democrats.  Sen. Warnock at $135M (however this would be for both his runs, for 2022 run, he spent around $76M),  Sen. Kelly at $75M, Val Demings at $69M, Fetterman at $52, Sen. Cortes at $48M.

Comparing the amount spent by the Democrat candidates vs their Republican candidates, it becomes apparent.  Oz got out spent by Fetterman, Walker's Republican got outspent more than 2 to 1 by Warnock's Democrat party.  Masters Republican party was outspent 8 times by Kelly's Democrat Party,

The start difference in the states the Republican's candidatew came closest to winning the races and their party spending a smaller amount compared to the Democrats are in the state of Arizona, where Kelly spent 8 times move than Masters, in Nevada the Dems spent 4 times more than the Rep, trying to help Cortes beat Laxalt and in New Hampshire, the Dems spent a 18 times more than than the Republican party, attempting to help Hassan beat Dolduc.   In Ohio, where the Republican America first candidate won, the Republican party spent 1/4th of the Democrats to help Ryan.

J.D Vance also was the lowest spender in the primary races to win the Republican nomination beating the wealthiest opponent.  J.D Vance victory proves that money alone cannot win elections , though it does help get the message across.  Everywhere else the cost to vote ratio is heavily in favor of the Republicans. They drastically spend less for each vote they get, making the Democrats races costing them even more in every race, but most importantly a magnitude more expensive.  

The Democrats top most campaign issues are (i) Abortion (ii) Climate Change (iii) Protecting Democracy by reversing everything that President Trump accomplished, tearing down his legacy.

Trump's strong border's, the Biden administration reversed stay in Mexico, which has according some estimates, if one listens to the mainstream media, claim DHS puts it is around 5M illegal aliens came into this country. However, based on some of the Democrat's main talking points have been to change the Supreme Court numbers. Could this be the motivation from them to go all out on these Senate races?  

But what most Republican Election analyst & experts are surprised now, is that why the Republican party, did not counter this spending to help their candidates, during what is perceived to be the most unpopular president's term.  Highest inflation, unsafe cities with crime visible everywhere, majority of the American's feel the country is heading in the wrong direction.  And yet based on the numbers abovee it appears they didnot help their candidates in such an environment.

Is it Supreme Court packing or is it keeping the Status Quo in the of the past 2 years at the border and DOJ?  
So why are they spending so much more money than the Republican's to win these races?
If it is a service for the people, a previldge to give back to the country, why spend any more at all to get an opportunity to serve. What is at stake?
Is it something else, that is hidden in plain site?
Why did the Republican leadership didnot take this fight to the Democrats, to take control of both houses?
What did the Republican leadership know that the Republican voters didnot know?