Anime has many different genres like Seinen, Shonen, Shojo, etc. All of them have their own audience and are loved equally but we have to agree with the part that Shonen Anime has been the breaking-out genre for anime. The Otakus love to watch their favorite anime series and binge on them, it varies from person to person on how they watch the series. Due to the pandemic, anime has become even more famous and its popularity has struck the ceiling.

There are literally millions of anime and manga in existence, but which are the ones you should try and watch? TFN, has you covered with out of the Top 10 Anime you should definitely watch, it is filled with different anime and depends on how their fandom has showered love on them. It has some of the well-known anime series and some of the most underrated anime that are overlooked by otakus. But trust us and give them a try, TFN wants you to try these underdogs and enjoy them. So, kick back and rest and grab some Popcorn and enjoy this amazing list of anime we have for you.

10. Gintama

Gintama is a funny anime and has been one of the greatest series to pay tributes to big boys like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and even our favorite Doraemon! The Anime is filled with gag comedy and will have you in bits laughing on the floor. But there are moments when you would feel like, “Is this the same gag anime I was watching?” that’s when you see Gintoki going into full rage mode and fighting the anime. Gintama became a cult anime series and most of the otakus have already watched it. It’s a long series but hey it’s worth watching and we can’t recommend it to you enough.

9. G.T.O

GTO is an R-rated anime that is filled with comedy and adult content, the full form of GTO is “Great Teacher Onizuka!” Watch Onizuka who is an ex-hooligan and thug of the streets who tries to become a teacher, he has no idea about teaching but he has somehow landed the job. He falls into all of the problems you could think he could, like almost sleeping with his students to almost killing one of them. What made GTO one of the coolest anime series of all time, is that Onizuka Sensei might be the coolest teacher in the world. Imagine your high school teacher is a Gangster who would stand up for you, again TFN recommends you this Cult Classic and it will teach you a lot of life lessons.

8. Parasyte

Parasyte: The Maxim is one of the most underrated anime series, the story starts when some alien parasites fall from the sky and take over the earth and also reach into some human’s body. The creature has to find a human body host to survive in the harsh weather of planet earth. Watch how our protagonist finds out he is one of the hosts and figures out how he would live with this creature. Later they start working together and the MC Shinichi names the parasite Migi! But not all of the Parasyte and their hosts are nice, some of them want to kill humans and cause havoc. When a host becomes one with these alien creatures, this grants them superhuman powers that make it easy to kill other humans.

7. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is a perfect Shonen anime series, it has everything an otaku would search for in the Shonen genre. It has powerful Villains, an amazing storyline, great arcs, and an MC that is on a journey and finds friends on the way. Gon Freecs is the protagonist of the Hunter X Hunter, but the way Togashi has made the manga just shows how genius he is as a writer. It gives chance for characters like Killua, Kurapika, and also gives us strong villains like Mereum! Also, the good news is out that Togashi has ended his long haul and returned back to creating the next chapters of the Manga. So, the HXH fans can expect a new season in the coming years.

6. Inuyashiki

Inuyashiki has the coolest grandpa as the MC of this crazy yet fun anime series, the mangaka Hiroyu Oka was praised by the anime community for this masterpiece. But the real fact is that not many of the otakus have known or watched this anime, TFN wants to highlight this amazing series and make it reach more people. Watch an old grandpa who encounters an extra-terrestrial and after that, he is given superhuman powers that turns him into a cyborg human. He goes on to battle a high-schooler who also gets powers where he can use his finger as a gun and goes on a killing spree. Inuyashiki goes on to kill the teenager and saves the people and that’s what turns him into an old superhero!

5. Naruto

Naruto is one of the Big Three anime, it has been always one of the favorites of otakus. If there is an anime fan who has no idea about “Naruto” then let me tell you that he is an amateur or he doesn’t watch anime at all! The story of Uzumaki Naruto from a scrawny little kid with the nine-tailed fox sealed inside him to a young Naruto who saves the village by killing the Pain! It moves you and motivates you to never give up on your dreams, Naruto has to be the anime that has influenced a lot of people to achieve their dreams. Masashi Kishimoto created a legendary manga that was later adapted into a series and went on to grab the hearts of the otakus. It’s a must-watch and TFN would want you to add it to your list.

4. One Punch Man

One Punch Man started with a webtoon created by “One”, if you watch the original art of One Punch Man then you won’t believe it and say how did this become an anime? The famous mangaka “Yusuke Murata” who is known for his beautiful manga art saw the potential in the story of O.P.M and made a decision to partner with the original creator. Saitama is the MC of the series, and it starts when he saves a little kid from a Huge Krab villain, later we find out that kid was the grandson of a billionaire and he went on to create the “Hero Association”. So, basically, Saitama is the reason the Heroes Association started, watch how the MC is tired of his monstrous strength. He can end the battles with just One Punch and he has been on a search to find a suitable opponent for him, you will find some amazing characters like Genos, Garou, Boros, etc along the way.

3. Dragon Ball Series

Akira Toriyama started with the story of Dragon Ball where you see a young Goku falling from the sky, then grandpa Gohan takes care of him and turns him into a fine yet a dumb young man. Goku is Saiyan from planet Vegeta, he was sent to earth so he could survive the destruction of his home planet by Frieza. The Show was the only Shonen Anime that paved the way for others in the early 90s, the western society became more familiar with Japanese animation. You will some amazing characters like Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Beerus, Frieza, etc. TFN wants you to recommend the whole Dragon Ball series which includes the Z, and Super, when people will talk of the top anime series of all time, then Toriyama’s masterpiece will be up there!

2. Bleach

Bleach is created by Tite Kubo who is a poetic writer and beautiful artist, the story of Kurosaki Ichigo and how he becomes a Shinigami to protect the people close to him. Ichigo is the only Shonen Protagonist who has no goals and just wants to save the people dear to him. The new generation doesn’t know much about Bleach, but now it has returned after 12 years of the haul! The final arc called “Thousand Years of Blood War” is going on right now and the fanbase of Bleach has gone crazy! TFN feels that out of all the Top 3, Bleach has the best character design and also has the better storyline. So, you should definitely watch the battle between the Quincy’s and Soul Reapers as it is causing waves in the anime community.

1.One Piece

One Piece, what can we say about this anime that hasn’t been saying before? TFN has put this masterpiece of an anime first because it is only one of the Top 3 that never stopped and has been going on for decades. Eichiro Oda should be praised for his longevity and also for never dropping the quality of the story by improving the art style. Monkey. D Luffy is the Mc of the series and he has embarked on a journey to find the hidden treasure deep in seas called the “One Piece”. The Anime is loved by millions and the fandom just keeps growing each year, we are yet to see Luffy find the One Piece hidden by Gol. D Roger the original Pirate King. Luffy has a dream of becoming the Pirate King and ruling over all the Pirates, if you’re a true anime fan then you should give this anime a try!