A Mothers relationship with her child can’t be described in words, it can only be felt by actions and love. Mothers spend most of their lives working for their kids and doing the house chores, we are totally oblivious to the fact that they are too growing old with time. They say Mothers are mostly close to their sons, it’s a given fact that Fathers are closer to their daughters and vice versa. But there are times when mothers don’t get enough time to spend with their kids, and during the teenage years, the boys seem to grow up every morning.

Making a Teenage Boy sit in one place with you is the toughest thing, they always want to run out of the house and chill with their friends. So doing any fun activities with them Is almost impossible! But there is something you can do which will make you spend time with him for a couple of hours, it is watching the Movies. Movies are something which brings families together, in the olden days the whole family used to sit in the living room and watch the T.V and enjoy. But you can’t just watch any movie with your son, so to save the trouble we have got you this amazing list of Top 10 Movies for Moms to watch with their Teen Sons.

10. Tarzan

After being left in the jungle by accident by his parents, he was adopted by a group of Gorillas and named “Tarzan”. A female Gorilla stepped forward and became Tarzan’s mother, she raised him just like a baby gorilla and never made him feel alone. Even though being an animated movie, this one will make you shed tears of joy and sadness.

After several years he meets a human being when he is an adult, he meets a human girl ‘Jane’ whom he has never seen before. Eventually, he gets fascinated with finding out more about humans, and they both fall for each other. Tarzan has to choose whether he would stay in the Jungle with his Mama and other animals, or leave to live the human life with Jane and learn the ways of humans. It’s one of those movies which you can watch with your Teen son, this can make him feel closer to you.

9. Back to the Future

Now, who doesn’t know what “Back to the Future” is, right? This amazing movie is still going strong in the movie world, people still talk about this movie even after decades. The story starts when Marty goes back in past, to meet his parents as teenagers. When he meets them, they are high schoolers gearing up for their high school dance, there are awkward moments in the movie but they are funny.

Where his own mother develops a slight crush on him, of course, she doesn’t know it’s her own damn son from the future! But Marty helps his mother fall in love with his father during his time in the past, they eventually get married and Marty was born in the future. So, in a way you can say that Mart was the reason for his own existence, this movie is fascinating and will tickle your funny bone.

8. Love, Simon

This is a wholesome story about a son coming out to his mother played by Jennifer Garner, now who wouldn’t love sweet Jennifer as their mother? The movie speaks volumes about the relationships between teens and their parents, most of the time the kids get swayed away when they turn older. The parents have no idea what’s going on in their lives, whom they are meeting, and what are they up to. Its an important topic in today’s world, and that’s why we have it in our list of Top 10 Movies for Moms to watch with their Teenage Sons.

Jennifer Garner delivers one of the most powerful monologues as a mother in this movie, the character, Nick Robinson played is amazing and they just pull you into their world. Powerful story and powerful performances, this movie is a must-watch for mothers with their teen sons.

7. Ordinary People

An amazing movie from the drawers of the 80s, where the actors like Marilyn Tylor Moore, Timothy Hutton, and Donald Sutherland gave splendid performances of their lives. This movie depicts the human relationship amidst the families when they go through the loss of the loved one, it reaches your heart at moments just to tug it away back.

When you lose a kid there is nothing bigger grief than that, people say that it feels as if someone took a limb out of your body. Doesn’t matter if you’re an upper-class or lower-class family, this rich family from the Suburbs of Illinois suffers after the loss of a boy in their family. The Mother loses a son and the boy loses a brother, they both go through the grief in their own ways. Watching how the mother tries to mend the relationship with her remaining son is heartbreaking.

6. The Way, Way Back

What happens when your mom has a new man in her life after your parents are divorced? Umm a lot of things, one of them is you being the third wheel and being awkward 24/7. Toni Collet always gets to play a mother handling a weird son, she has done the same in this one too. When she has to choose between her boyfriend who doesn’t care about their relationship and her son who is too confused about life.

The movie is heart-warming and funny at times, you see how a mother would give up anything to be with her child. She doesn’t worry about making sacrifices and dumping her boyfriend, her decision to be with her son was the best! You can watch this with your son, it’s a good flick and that’s why it’s in our Top 10 Movies for Moms to watch with their Teenage Sons.

5. Boyhood

Boyhood has to be one of the greatest movies ever, the sheer dedication of the director and actors in this movie is applaudable. Richard Linklater shot this movie for a period of 12 years because he wanted to show the characters aging gracefully. Now that’s one amazing director, but the production cost? Oh my God. Boyhood is a tale of a relationship between a mother and son, as the movie goes on you see them grow through adversity.

It shows every part of the boy growing up with his mother, this one will hit home and make you snuggle your son. It has amazing actors like Ethan Hawke & Patricia Arquette, who also won an Oscar for her beautiful performance in this movie. Do you remember the classic scene where the son leaves for college and the mother weeps? Yeah, it’s in this one too.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benjamin as a kid had a rare disease where he was born as an old man, he was then left on the stairs of an old age home. I know that’s quite sad, but don’t worry our Queen Taraji P Henson comes to the rescue! She adopts Benjamin as her son and makes him a part of the family, he grows up in the old age home with the other old people. Brad Pitt has pulled out all his acting chops in this movie, then we have Cate Blanchett who plays his love interest since childhood.

As the time goes on, the others grow older while Benjamin keeps getting younger, this movie has an unique story but the best part is the relationship of Queenie & Benjamin. Despite not being his birth mother, she takes care of him when he had nobody, and there’s nothing more beautiful than that. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button deserves a place in our Top 10 Movies for Moms to watch with their Teenage Sons.

3. Moonlight

This movie shook the world when it came out, and thanks to stupid announcers it had the most amazing Best Picture winner announcement in the history of Oscars. The story is about a relationship between a son and his mother, Chiron watches his mother go through drug abuse throughout his childhood. He doesn’t have a father figure in his life and struggles to find his own identity, he meets a stranger played by Mahershala Ali who guides him.

Mahershala Ali won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight, there’s a scene with Chiron where he goes like “At some point you gotta decide for yourself who you gon be, can’t let nobody make that decision for you”. Naomi Harris got an Oscar nomination for her role as Chirons mother, this movie is beautiful and depicts the child & mother’s relationship in a hauntingly beautiful way.

2. Blind Side

Now I would recommend you to keep 2-3 boxes of tissues beside you for this one, Blind Side is a real story about a white woman adopting a black boy from an orphanage. It’s based on the famous NFL Star Michael Oher and his adoptive Mom Leigh Anne Tuohy, the movie was one of the best nominations for the best picture at the Oscars. Sandra Bullock plays the mother in her own way, but the way she shows care for her son and makes sure he is loved for the rest of his life makes you tear up. In the scene where the mother shows him his new room, the son goes like “This is mine?”. And she says “Why have you never had a room before?” to which he replies “No, I never had a bed before”. Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for Best Actor Female in a leading role; this movie never fails to bring tears to your eyes and that’s why it’s top 3 in our list of Top 10 Movies for Moms to watch with their Teenage Sons.


An Indian kid who gets estranged from his family while being stuck on a train, he is later adopted from an orphanage by an Australian couple. Nicole Kidman plays the adopted mother of the kid, and oh boy does she hit it out of the park! Fast forward to the future, the son is now all grown up and wants to know about his real family in India. Dev Patel’s character uses google search and embarks on a journey to find his real family, this shook up the adopted parents and they feel heartbroken and feel if they haven’t been good as parents.

But all that he wanted was to meet his real family before he dies, the monologue where Nicole Kidman speaks about how she still wants him as her son will give you goosebumps! The relationship between a mother & a son is beautiful, in the end, he meets his birth mother and you see both of the mothers hugging each other. You will be left with more than just Moist eyes after ‘Lion’, Dev Patel is something else. The fact that it’s a real story and ends on a happy note, makes it reach the top of our Top 10 Movies for Moms to watch with their Teenage Sons list.

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