Being a proper gentleman is a huge task, but hey we could give you some of the best tips on how you could be a better man than you were yesterday. The trick is simple, you have to change the pattern of your old behavior and jump out of the toxic environment you have been living in. Don’t forget that it all starts from within, if you won’t able to change yourself inside then there is no way that the outer shell is going to be ny different.

TFN has created the Top 10 Rules for Men to turn into Gentleman so our brothers who have difficulty changing would be encouraged to take the first step. If you manage to change yourself and take the first step toward a better future, then you are going to be more successful, focused, and happy, and influence other people to do the same. You can apply these rules to your life and it doesn’t matter what age group you belong to, now without further ado, let’s roll into it.

10. Be a Leader

You know, what’s attractive? A Man leading a group of people or someone who takes responsibility for his action and doesn’t complain about small things. To be a leader in a group of people and to stand out takes a lot of courage and enthusiasm. Without a strong mindset, you won’t be able to lead people, as they will listen to you and walk into your steps. Your job would be to not be shaken by small problems and always guide your family and friends when they need you.

9. Dress Appropriately

Imagine you’re at a wedding and you see a guy entering the ceremony wearing a T-Shirt and Fur Boots, that’s a perfect outfit if you want to purposely spoil someone’s wedding dress code. That’s why if you are on a path to being a gentleman then wearing appropriate clothes on different occasions is one of the most important things, it does give out a certain energy to people around you.

8. Set Big Goals

Nobody likes a Man without any goals in life, being a guy who lays down on his couch for 18hrs a day and eats chips is a bad idea. Women love Men who have a strong mindset and are on their grind, or at least someone who is clear about their future goals and they can see them working hard towards it! You have to stop you procrastinating when you need to work on your goals, this is important for your image as a man.

7. Use Cologne

The first thing a woman notices about you is how you smell, and this thing is very natural to humans. If you smell bad then somehow, she will pull herself away from you and probably not meet you up for a second date. That’s why if you are someone who has sweating issues, then you should carry a deo or deo-stick that can keep your body stink-free. Wearing a good Cologne is one of the best things you can do before a date, it makes a man very attractive and this has been confirmed by women.

6. Learn to Listen

Do you remember the feeling when you are speaking about something important and then out of nowhere someone interrupts you and starts their part of the story? That is one of the most disrespectful someone can do; it is not a good thing to speak between someone and a gentleman would never do that. You should always listen to people when they are talking, if a woman is explaining you something be all into her story as she will notice how nicely you are listening to her. This makes them comfortable with you and this helps you with patience.

5. Learn to live in the moment

When you are on a date with a woman and everything is going well, you keep pulling out your phone in front of her and giving her little attention. Then it’s a given that she wouldn’t want to be with you again, it is not important to check what’s happening on Twitter or Instagram when you are out on a date. The Phone should be kept aside and you should learn to live in the moment, be courageous and strike up conversations with her and see her eyes light up.

4. Open Doors for Women and the Elderly

Show the people around you that Chivalry isn’t Dead! Be a gentleman in a world where Andrew Tate exists and see how people will appreciate the little things you do. Doing little things like opening the door for a woman or old people will make you the perfect example of a gentleman, even if they don’t thank you for it, don’t forget that you have helped someone and that was out of love. Also, if you’re taking out the girl in your car on a date, then don’t you ever forget to open the door for her to sit.

3. Have Authenticity

Being Authentic means being real to yourself, and that is one of the top 3 rules for becoming a gentleman. TFN believes that the world is changing and we are on a mission to save our culture and the humans who want to stay connected to their roots. Trying to be someone you’re not will just make people dislike you, and it will be far more stressful than why not just be yourself? It will also help you with your self-esteem, and make people trust in you.

2. Learn Good Hygiene

Having good hygiene is one of the most top things that you should keep in mind when you embark on a journey to become a gentleman, if you are someone who doesn’t care about how they look or smell then you are going to push away people. Taking care of your skin, hair and health aren’t feminine, break the stereotypes as it is an important factor in your life. Women love men who take care of themselves and have clean hygiene, you can spot an unhygienic person when you see one. Trust us you don’t want to be the talk of the group when you are away, so keep yourself clean, stay hydrated and be happy.

1.Respect People

If you give respect then only will you get respect back in return, learn how to be kind to people and have empathy for others. Everyone is fighting a battle you have no idea about, so being kind and respecting a person’s life and space is the most gentlemanly thing you could ever do. Learn how to talk to women in a proper way, do not speak to them as you speak to your lads in the neighborhood. Never mistreat them or the elderly, that’s how you will turn from a man into a gentleman!

We hope you liked our Top 10 Rules for Men to turn into Gentleman, we hope these tips would help you out in real life. Being Kind and sticking to your culture in this fast-paced world is important and TFN is on a mission to change that.