For her part in The Salesman (2016), which took home the Most Foreign Language Film trophy at the 89th Academy Awards, Taraneh Alidoosti is best recognized outside of her native Iran.

She has won a Crystal Simorgh, an Iran Cinema Celebration Award, and Iran's Film Critics and Writers Association Award, among other honors. She is also well known for appearing in the films Shahrzad, About Elly, and Fireworks Wednesday (2015–2018).

Being a feminist activist, Taraneh, to show her support for the Mahsa Amini demonstrations, uploaded a picture of herself to Instagram in November 2022 sans her Islamic headscarf, and with a sign that said, "Women, Life, Freedom."

After she voiced support with protesters against the regime, Iranian authorities detained one of the country's most well-known actresses and placed her under custody.

According to official media, Taraneh Alidoosti was taken into custody on the allegation of "spreading lies" about the protest movement that has taken the nation by storm.

She expressed her disapproval of the death of a man for his participation in the protest in a post that she made on Instagram the previous week.

The woman, who is 38 years old, criticized many foreign organizations in her post for remaining silent in the face of Mohsen Shekari's impending death sentence.

After accusing him of being a "rioter" who blocked a prominent route in Tehran in September and injured a member of a paramilitary force with a machete, the authorities decided to execute him by hanging him from a noose.

"Mohsen Shekari was the name of this man. Every single international organization that is standing by and witnessing this slaughter while doing nothing to stop it is a stain on mankind "she had written.

She was taken into custody by the authorities because, as stated in a message made on the Telegram account of the state news agency IRNA, she was unable to show "any documentation by her statements."

Her Instagram account, which had more than eight million followers, was just deleted by Instagram.

The 38-year-old woman is widely regarded as one of the most successful actors in Iran. But ever since the beginning of the uprising, she has been a promising opponent of the Iranian government's efforts to put a stop to the widespread turmoil that was prompted by the murder of Mahsa Amini in police custody in September.

She gained a lot of attention in November after uploading a picture of herself on Instagram sans a headscarf to show her support for the protesters.

Since the Islamic revolution of 1979 brought the current Iranian government to power, one of the most significant problems it has faced since then has been the rise of the protest movement.

Two individuals have previously been put to death by the authorities after being found guilty of the crime known as "moharebeh," which may be loosely translated as "enmity towards God." To "create public insecurity" through the use of a firearm in Iran is considered a criminal offense since it puts people's lives and property in jeopardy.