According to Rishi Sunak, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan will collaborate to develop a new fighter plane that will incorporate artificial intelligence.

The collaborative business, according to the prime minister, would generate many jobs in the UK and strengthen security relations.

The nations will collaborate to develop a next-generation fighter to ultimately replace the Typhoon plane. It will enter service in the mid-to-late 2030s.

The new Tempest aircraft is planned to be outfitted with cutting-edge armaments.

Mr. Sunak said at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire on Friday that the alliance will "keep the nation secure from the new challenges we face."

"We are one of the few nations in the world that can manufacture fighter jets with the most modern technology," he stated.

It is already in development, with the objective of creating a combat jet that is quick, stealthy, and employs sophisticated sensors and even artificial intelligence to assist pilots when they are too busy or under a lot of stress.

It could also fly without a pilot if required and launch hypersonic missiles.

However, building such a complex aircraft is very costly. In reality, the F35 fighter was the Pentagon's most costly project to date, thus the United Kingdom has been seeking for partners.

Italy was already on board, and the addition of Japan is significant. It comes at a time when Britain is strengthening connections with friends in the Indo-Pacific area in response to concerns about a more aggressive China.

More nations may still participate in the program. France, Germany, and Spain are already collaborating on their own design, as is the United States.

Tempest will be built in the United Kingdom with significant assistance from BAE Systems' Warton and Samlesbury facilities. Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Italy's Leonardo are also collaborating.

This agreement is about more than simply security for the United Kingdom. It also has to do with money. The goal is that developing a new fighter aircraft would help the UK generate and retain thousands of employment while also allowing the nation to export additional armaments overseas.

A cutting-edge fighter jet with mental reading capabilities

The security of the United Kingdom, both now and for future generations, will always be of the utmost importance to our administration, Mr. Sunak said prior to his visit to RAF Coningsby.

"We need to remain at the forefront of military technology in order to combat those who seek to harm us and stay up with them.

"The international partnership we've established with Japan and Italy today aims to show how closely related the security of the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific areas are.

By using the capabilities of our world-class defense industry, the next generation of combat aircraft we produce will protect us and our allies across the world while saving lives.

John Healey, the shadow defense minister for Labour, said his party supported the partnership but had reservations about training.

He said, "Ministers must clarify how this fits into their plans for the RAF's overall future, particularly how they will avoid postponing fast-jet pilot training.