"Truth" always brings liberation and  being "fair" has kept us human beings from destroying ourselves into extinction. So when truth joins forces with fairness, it creates a thriving environment that we human's find liberating and nuturing. TrueFairNew wishes to be architects of such thriving environment everywhere it reaches into.

In 2020, it feels as if everything is broken or on the verge of a breaking down. Wisdom of the few, makes this turmoil feel eternal,  monumental and existential because of the magnitude of the moment which has the whole world in unison feel the pinch or  pain of the situation not silently but with a loud rancor among bretheren. Nothing seems to go unnoticed, creating a tinder box of heightened emotions & polarity.  In such a polarized environment, it is extremely easy to fall into the trap of picking a side by singing to the choir while drowing out the ideas of the other side.  Unchecked, it only leads to an echo chamber where every conformed thought creates an deafening cacophony of biased unhinged retoric poisoning every attempt of reasonable dialog.  Unstopped, this unhinged retoric always leads to war of words dragging it into war on the streets destroying the peace and prosperty of any country.

Clarity in purpose, integrity of character and honorable in all actions are the only things that will negate the risk of  propagating these echo chambers.  TFN was launched with simple and sincere purpose of bring information to the citizens of the nations by being truthful guided by facts and with fairness.  TFN's purpose is clearly defined by "News based on TRUTH covered FAIRLY".   Better to be a small organization that walks in INTEGRITY than a big one which stumbles with ut it. Integrity is the fundament to the security any organization.   Operating out of truth and fairness with desire to work for the good of all people in the effort to bring about the welfare of all people, with the integrity to withstand any excuse to shy away for doing the honorable thing.  Always working towards by becoming pre-emminent among organizations that do the same, putting every actionalbe effort to be held in High Esteem, not just by the ones who support it but also by everyone who have a reason to have an opinion on the things that are done by TFN.  This can only happen if purposeful vision, truth, fairness, integrity, acting with honor are core to the TFN's organization.  And it will be, from the day it starts unto eternity.

TFN will never have, Hysterical Headlines, Clickbait articles, or make any attempts to ensnare anyone.  Every article will be an effort to enlighten the people by presenting truth fairly.  We aspire to be the worlds newspaper of record in the long run, though we start small blog site today in the USA for your entertainment today.