Zelensky declared in a recent statement that the Dnipro rescue operation had been concluded and that 79 individuals had been hurt or injured as a result of a Russian strike.

He also said that there were 45 Ukrainians on the list of the deceased, including six children, one of whom was just 11 months old, and that children and civilians are Russia's adversaries.

He continued by saying that this was only possible because Russia has turned into the enemy of all humanity. He also thanked everyone on the globe for supporting their efforts to ward off terrorism.

He also indicated that Ukraine would receive a second Patriot battery and that additional measures are being considered to bolster their air defense.

Along with discussing defense cooperation, he also spoke with Federal President of Germany Steinmeier on their next Ramstein format meeting and other crucial diplomatic initiatives.

He highlighted that the annual Davos conference, which has long served as a significant global political and economic platform, began today. The world is aware of Ukraine's concerns at Davos; they are aware of what terrorists are doing in Kherson, Kharkiv, their Donbas, and other regions where Russia has caused death. They also know what Russia did to Dnipro. They want further international pressure to be applied to the terrorist state.

Zelensky is certain that after this week, there will be more vocal and powerful advocates for the creation of a tribunal for Russian aggression and a unique system to make up for war losses at the expense of Russian assets.

He noted that the First Lady of Ukraine delivered all the components of their Peace Formula today in Davos, including the basic justice provision that calls on Russian terrorists to bear full responsibility for all of their actions.

Their diplomatic attempt has received strong backing from the rest of the globe. He said that they are making every effort to guarantee that this support is genuinely worldwide and that action is taken by all significant players in international affairs to stop Russian aggression and restore stability.

In his statement, Zelensky also proposed holding a meeting with the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General to determine who was responsible for the attack on Dnipro. According to him, their state's laws and factual knowledge are expanding daily.

All of this will come to an end with these Russian killers receiving sentences. Zelensky commended the efforts of the Ukrainian law enforcement personnel, as well as their associates in intelligence and special services, who are putting together the evidence needed to prosecute rashists.

Additionally, he conveyed his appreciation to all volunteers, celebrities, and particularly journalists who are supporting the probe.

He also expressed gratitude to all the soldiers who are fighting for the country as members of their security and defense forces, doing all in their power to drive the Russian army out of Ukraine. He gave special recognition to the troops who are currently in the front and fighting for their freedom—true heroes.

Zelensky stated that after they drive the occupiers of their country, it would only be a matter of time until justice returns and Russian murderers are given their due punishment.

He stressed the significance of holding those responsible accountable and making sure the rights of the victims and their families are upheld.