A head to head comparison of the Wisconsin 2016 Primary gives us an idea of the break down of the voters.

Bernie Sanders received 27% (567K votes) beating both Hillary Clinton by 6% (432K votes) and Donald Trump by 9% (386K votes) in the overall count of votes in Wisconsin.

Bernie Sanders won 25 of the counties. Donald Trump won more counties, but the counties he won did not have as many voters and the counties Bernie Sanders won. Hillary Clinton won only 1 county in this 4-way match up.

Bernie Sanders vs Clinton

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders

In a head to head match up on just the total number of votes, Hillary Clinton (43%) lost to Bernie Sanders (57%). Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, she wins by 6%. Bernie Sanders Beats Donald Trump by 20%.

These 10 counties play an important role in these primary elections. If a candidate can get a sizable majority or even a high minority (like Bernie Sanders) in the biggest counties (Milwaukee, Dane, and Waukesha) they can win a majority of total state votes. Donald Trump won in more counties than Bernie Sanders, but lost to him by 9%.

Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders top three counties secured him more votes than the top three counties of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. This helped Bernie Sanders win the vote in the state of Wisconsin.

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