A head to head comparison of the Louisiana 2020 Primary gives us an idea of the break down of the voters.

Joe Biden received 49% (212,439) beating Donald Trump, who received 46% (295,812), and Bernie Sanders who received 5% (19,845).

Donald Trump won 41 out of the 64 counties in the state of Louisiana, and Joe Biden won 23 counties.

These 10 counties play an important role in these primary elections. Even if a candidate does not achieve a sizable majority in one of the larger counties (East Baton Rouge, Jefferson, Orleans), they can still take the lead by capturing very large minorities in several counties.

Bernie Sanders vs Joe Biden

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

In a head to head match up on just the total number of votes, Joe Biden (91%) beats Bernie Sander (9%). Donald Trump (91%) beats Bernie Sanders (9%). Joe Biden (52%) beats Donald Trump (48%).

Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden

Donald Trump

Joe Biden won big in each of the top three counties (East Baton Rouge, Orleans, and Jefferson), beating his opponents in these large counties in the state of Louisiana. He also won 20 other counties, winning the vote against Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump by a wide gap of voters.

East Baton Rouge and Jefferson, two of the largest counties gave Biden over 60k vote advantage. Many other counties also voted for him over Trump, which gained him an upper hand on Louisiana.

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